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  • Ethanol fireplace - Real fire at the push of a button
  • Ethanol fireplace - Real fire at the push of a button
  • Ethanol fireplace - Real fire at the push of a button
    Real fire at the push of a button
    Automatic ethanol fireplaces
  • PrimeBox
    Unpack PrimeBox and enjoy your fireplace instantly
  • Fire technology with an easy assembly
    Real fire at the push of a button
  • To insert into existing fireplace
    Real flames without smoke, ash or soot

Planika – leader in ethanol fireplace design

Planika Fires is a manufacturer of technologically advanced bio ethanol fireplaces and gas fireplaces. To achieve the cleanest combustion process, we patented BEV technology thanks to which there is no direct contact between the liquid fuel and the flame. Read our article “How ethanol fireplace works?”

How an ethanol fireplace works
How a biofuel fireplace works
Planika’s biofuel fireplaces don’t require chimney or any hard connections. Innovative solutions applied allow to enjoy real, natural flames with no smell, smoke or ash.
Why did I choose Planika?

Custom fireplaces

Arrange your interiors in any way you desire with our fully customizable series of Fire Line Automatic biofuel fireplaces. The line offers luxurious products in different length, color and finishing options so they can be tailored to your individual needs. Best bio ethanol fireplaces for diverse range of applications.

Smart ethanol fireplace inserts

Remote control fireplaces
Remote control
With fire and technology combined, you can upgrade your traditional fireplace with our line of bio ethanol fireplace inserts. Experience a unique level of freedom by connecting your intelligent fireplace to the Smart Home System. Best of all, no chimney and hard connections are required.
Planika Lincoln - a classic fireplace in white frame
$ 4030
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limited offer
Primebox - a portable box-shaped ethanol fireplace
$ 2875
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PrimeFire - Ethanol fireplace insert
$ 2300
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Outdoor fireplaces

Imagine sitting in your garden chair and basking in the warmth of flickering flames. This is what you get with our free-standing ethanol fireplaces. Extraordinary shapes and quality design that will enrich your outdoor experience.
Rondo Commerce
Planika Rondo Commerce - a decorative round-shaped outdoor fireplace
$ 1100
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Gustav Commerce
Gustav Commerce - Free standing fireplaces
$ 1150
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Totem Commerce
Totem Commerce - Portable fireplaces
$ 1700
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Jar Commerce
Jar Commerce - Outdoor fireplaces
$ 1950
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Simple Commerce
Simple Commerce fireplace thumbnail
$ 560
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Pyramid Commerce
Pyramid Commerce outdoor fireplace thumbnail
$ 1990
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Tondo Commerce
Planika Tondo garden fireplace thumbnail
$ 1010
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Faro Commerce
$ 850
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Petit Commerce
Petit Commerce - the smallest ethanol fireplace thumbnail
$ 400
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Gas fireplaces

For years Planika has been spearheading the progress in bioethanol fire technology. Our exciting venture into the realm of gas fireplaces brings an entirely new range of products that redefine the beauty of flames. The linear form and weather resistant materials meet the high demands of modern gas fireplace design. We give you the Galio series – an outdoor gas fire dedicated to residential and commercial spaces.
Galio Insert
Gas fireplaces - Galio Insert
$ 2100
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Galio Corten
Gas fireplaces - Galio Corten
$ 2530
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What makes us different
Certified safety
To ensure the comfort and safety of our users, our automatic ethanol fireplaces are equipped with microprocessor and multiple advanced sensors, which guarantee the correct operation of the device.

Our fireplaces run on Fanola, which is a biologically clean, alcohol-based fuel. Its burning process is clean, which means that the only by-products of an alcohol burning fireplace are heat, water vapor and CO2 in small amounts comparable to human breath.

To confirm the safety of our bio fireplaces, we’ve been awarded with TÜV, UL, ULC and CE certificates.
Innovative technology
Thanks to patented technology created by Planika, everyone can enjoy real fire without smoke, smell or ash

Each automatic ethanol fireplace in our offer is based on a system called BEV technology (Burning Ethanol Vapors), because of which only heated liquid vapors are burned and there is no direct contact between the fuel and the flame.

In our manual collection of outdoor fireplaces, we implemented the Commerce technology implying filling the burner with highly absorbent ceramic fibers. They keep the liquid inside the burner, avoiding the risk of leaks even in case the device falls over.

Quality design
The variety of designs offered by Planika give the possibility to find a perfect match for any type of interior. Our bio ethanol fireplaces and gas fireplaces are suitable for modern as well as traditional private and commercial spaces.

During the production only the highest quality materials are being used. Each device is carefully tested in our own laboratory, to make sure that the customer gets the safest and the best product available on the market.

Planika is the only bio fireplace manufacturer who has cooperated with world-famous designers: Christophe Pillet, Arik Levy, Serge Atallah, as well as with young promising talents.