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An ethanol fireplace is the best solution for all fireplace enthusiasts who would like to enjoy the beauty of flames in rooms where installing a traditional fireplace involves a lot of effort. Ethanol fireplaces have many advantages: no smoke, soot or ash is produced during the ethanol combustion process, and their installation is really simple and intuitive.


We will provide you with a brief overview of the key steps that need to be taken in order to set up the ethanol fireplace and operate it safely. However, we also encourage you to read carefully the manual for the particular model you own. To ensure the highest level of safety and performance always abide by the manufacturer's guidelines.

1. No hard connection, no chimney required, easy to assemble

One of the many advantages of ethanol fireplaces is their easy installation. Thanks to the smoke-free combustion, no fixed connection is required. All you need to do is place the chimney at the desired location or mount it on the wall and connect it to electricity. The chimney is ready for operation after the fuel refill. In addition, the appliance can be quickly dismantled and relocated, which would not be possible with traditional due to fixed connections.

Installation of an ethanol fireplace

2. Connect to the power source

Power supply connection

There are many models on the market that run on ethanol. You can choose between manual and automatic, as well as advanced fireplaces with the so-called intelligent fire. The latter are manufactured by Planika, and they are equipped with a microprocessor and several safety sensors and operate on the basis of the patented BEV (Burning Ethanol Vapours) technology. Although manual products are portable and do not require a power supply, the use of them is associated with a certain risk, as the fire is not controlled at all. If the user chooses an automatically controlled bio-fireplace, the safety and ease of use is guaranteed. Installation is also very easy. Just connect the fireplace to electricity and you can immediately enjoy golden flames.

3. Pour top quality Fanola fuel

Automatic fuel pump filling up the fireplace tank with Fanola fuel


Fanola is an ecological fuel acquired from plant biomass. The combustion of Fanola® is a clean process that produces only heat, CO2 and water vapour. Fanola is currently considered to be the most widely used fuel and is used and recommended by the best known manufacturers in the fireplace industry for its effective and safe operation.


Planika is the only company in the world that offers a revolutionary, unique solution when it comes to fuel refilling. The automatic fuel refilling system communicates with the unit to supplement a certain amount of ethanol fuel and reduces the risk of overfilling the tank.

4. Fuel heating

Product begins to emit fumes as soon as it is heated
The fuel is heated to a temperature of 172°F

With BEV technology, there is no direct contact between the fuel and the flames. For this reason, the device is safe and the fire is continuously monitored. The fuel is heated in a container. The resulting vapours pass into the second tank, from which they appear as flames above the firing rail. The safety sensors ensure that the ethanol does not boil and pose no threat.

5. Vapours ignition

Heating element heats up to 2372°F, followed by the vapours ignition
There is no direct contact between the fuel and the open flame

6. Flame size regulation

With Planika automatic fireplaces it is possible to change the height of the flames so that the user can adjust the flame pattern and the amount of fuel used according to his own needs. The flame height can be adjusted by means of an operating panel, remote control or mobile devices via WLAN.

Adjusting the flame height

7. Safety sensors

The modern bio-fireplaces from Planika are equipped with advanced safety sensors, thanks to which the fireplaces are safe and easy to operate. The following sensors can be found in Planika fireplaces:

  • fuel level sensors
  • motion sensor
  • overfill sensor
  • CO2 sensor
  • CO2 Sensor
  • internal and external temperature sensors
  • vibration sensor
Push Button Fireplaces collection is equipped with various sensors:
temperature sensor
overflow sensor
child lock
spillage sensor

8. No maintenance required

Easy and effortless maintenance of the fireplace

Ethanol fireplaces do not produce smoke or ash and the only combustion products are trace amounts of H2O i CO2, which do not require any special maintenance.

9. Disconnection

Turning off the ethanol fireplace

The bio-fireplace can be operated via operating panel, remote control or via W-LAN with the help of mobile devices. By pressing the STOP button, the fumes are no longer generated and the flames extinguish. Immediately after the appliance has been switched off and cooled, you can refill the fuel again. The unit is ready for operation again.