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Ethanol fireplace
Ethanol fireplace
Ethanol fireplace
Ethanol fireplace
Ethanol fireplace
Ethanol fireplace
Ethanol fireplace
Ethanol fireplace

Petit Commerce

$ 400
Planika’s smallest tabletop bio fireplace Petit’s delicate design, along with its size, makes it a perfect solution for any stylish event held indoors or outdoors.
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Ehanol Fuel Fanola
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A petit tabletop fireplace

Planika's smallest bio ethanol fireplace, Petit Commerce, is a unique and incredibly subtle decoration for all kinds of indoor and outdoor designs.

The small size and delicate form makes Petit a fully portable tabletop fireplace that will enrich every event or family gathering with the beauty of natural, golden flames. Its fragile appearance is merely a disguise for a solid construction that can withstand any conditions both inside and outside the house.

The Commerce Technology used in Planika’s outdoor fireplaces is a safe and very efficient solution to provide exceptional fire without the risk of spilling the fuel. Even if this fine tabletop fireplace is turned upside down the ceramic fibers will immediately stop any leakage, making it one of the safest and most convenient devices on the market. Petit is the ideal fireplace for both residential and commercial spaces such as hotels, restaurants or SPA lounges.

Planika Petit Commerce tabletop fireplace

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Technical specification

Dimensions (W x H x D):Ø:10 1/16"
Y: 13 5/8 "
Capacity:0,33 gal
Burning time:3 - 7* h
Heat output:8547 BTU
Net weight:3,2 lbs


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Why Fanola® ?

Fanola® is a biologically clean, ecological fuel based on ethanol which has undergone double rectification process. Ethanol is of plant origin, obtained through fermentation of saccharine and is produces from seasonal produce. The burning process of Fanola® is described as “clean”, as the only by-products of the burning are: heat, CO2 and water vapour.

After the whole series of tests, Fanola® has been certified EcoFuel certificate proving the highest quality standards. The product must be used according to the specifications and the instructions given on the label and the user’s manual.

Planika’s bio fireplaces run on ethanol. It is possible to use the biofuel alternatives available on the market, adapted to clean-burning. Please remember, that no other substances except ethanol can be used in Planika’s fireplaces including: kerosene, gasoline, or other solvents that could damage the product.

The use of fuel with improper composition involves a loss of warranty. Planika will not accept any liability for damage caused by the use of defective fuel.

Shipping Policy

Shipping within continental US, covers curbside delivery only. Lead time 14 business days after payment clears. To arrange shipping to Canada please contact our Office +1 201-815-2208. Out of stock items may take up to six weeks.