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    Join ethanol fireplaces into a limitless line of fire


The bioethanol fireplaces from Planika stand out with their premium quality, luxurious design, and cutting edge technology. These decorative fireplaces will enrich any commercial or private space with the sheer beauty of fire.

Aside from their unique visual value, our ethanol fireplaces feature advanced technology and safety sensors, yet they remain simple to use and maintain. The burning process emits no smoke or smell, and leaves no ash, which means that the devices are environment-friendly and need almost no cleaning. Best of all, these ventless fireplaces do not require any fixed connections or flue, which reduces their installation and setup to minimum.

In our offer you will find portable freestanding ethanol fireplaces which are easy to arrange wherever you want. We also provide ethanol fireplace inserts and burners that can replace your old fireplace. Wall mounted ethanol fireplaces, on the other hand, save up space and add a distinct flavor to your interiors. The choice is yours.

Indoor ethanol fireplaces

Indoor ethanol fireplaces

Outdoor ethanol fireplaces

Outdoor ethanol fireplaces


Planika Lincoln - a classic fireplace in white frame
$ 4030
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limited offer
Primebox - a portable box-shaped ethanol fireplace
$ 2875
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Rondo Commerce
Planika Rondo Commerce - a decorative round-shaped outdoor fireplace
$ 1100
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Gustav Commerce
Gustav Commerce - Free standing fireplaces
$ 1150
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Totem Commerce
Totem Commerce - Portable fireplaces
$ 1700
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Jar Commerce
Jar Commerce - Outdoor fireplaces
$ 1950
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Simple Commerce
Simple Commerce fireplace thumbnail
$ 560
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Pyramid Commerce
Pyramid Commerce outdoor fireplace thumbnail
$ 1990
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Tondo Commerce
Planika Tondo garden fireplace thumbnail
$ 1010
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Faro Commerce
$ 850
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Petit Commerce
Petit Commerce - the smallest ethanol fireplace thumbnail
$ 400
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What Are the Benefits of Using Ethanol?

no ash
no chimney
no smell
no hard connection
safety sensors
real fire

Because ethanol is clean burning fuel and leaves no ash or soot.

No chimney is needed because it no smoke or toxic gases are emitted.

Burning ethanol produces no smell because only vapours are being burned in this process.

The device has container and is portable as only AC power supply is required.

It is equipted with:
- overflow sennsor
- overheat sennsor
- fuel level sensor
- comunication LED pannel

In the burning process ethanol emits warm goldish flame thanks to high quality of our devices and the Fanola® fuel.

Our ethanol fireplaces are based on the patented BEV technology (Burning Ethanol Vapors) which guarantees that only the vapors ignited, and not the liquid fuel itself. Thanks to this the fire emits absolutely no smoke, odour or ash.

That gives the freedom of the product arrangement as no chimney, flue or additional ventilation is required.

Planika bioethanol fireplaces also do not require any additional fireplace accessories, which saves space and allows you to enjoy only the flame. Try Push Button Fireplaces.
Planika fireplaces run on a proprietary bioethanol fuel - FANOLA®. This biologically clean ecological liquid is extracted from plants. There are no harmful substances emitted, no smoke or smell is produced while burning and no ash is left afterwards.