• Tradition meets technology
    Find out more about Lincoln, our new addition to the indoor series
  • Fire Line Automatic
    A line of fire dedicated for your indoors
  • BEV technology - safe and efficient
    The fire does not even touch the liquid
  • Ethanol fireplace inserts
    The best way to restore your classic fireplace
  • A new light for your interiors
    Fulfill your desires with our indoor ethanol fireplaces
  • Luxurious and safe
    Wherever you place the ethanol fireplace it burns safe and beautiful


Warm up the atmosphere of your interiors with Planika indoor ethanol fireplace range of products. Merge your design ideas with our sophisticated BEV technology concealed in a variety of refined shapes.

The main advantage of our bio ethanol indoor fireplaces over the traditional ones is that they do not require any vent or flue, and so they can be arranged virtually anywhere in the room of your choice. We provide a selection of ventless fireplaces that can be placed in a freestanding way or built-in wall. Every model in this collection adds a distinct flavor to the interiors both in private and commercial spaces. Have a glimpse on the finest indoor ethanol fireplaces on the market.


Our indoor ethanol fireplaces are equipped with our innovative Burning Ethanol Vapours (BEV) technology.

This ensures that there is no contact between the ethanol and the flame. That is why the blaze of our fireplaces leaves no smoke, odour or ash, and that is why you are free to furnish your interiors exactly the way you like.

Give your indoors a touch of fiery breath with the best fireplaces on the market.
All of our products are fuelled by a special ethanol liquid - FANOLA®. This unique ecological fuel is extracted from plants which makes it a biologically clean energy source. No worries about the harmful substances - none are emitted in the burning process, so smoke, smell, and ash are now a thing of the past.