• Pillars of heat and blaze
    Create a luxurious experience with our outdoor bioethanol fireplaces
  • A long-lasting outdoor fire
    Up to 10 hours of burning time
  • Commerce technology for safety
    Keeps the fuel always inside the fireplace
  • Unprecedented level of freedom
    Portable and freestanding fireplaces for commercial and private spaces
  • Enjoy real fire outdoors
    A series of outdoor ventless fireplaces to suit your needs
  • A flickering flame in the garden
    Try Faro Commerce garden fireplace that doubles as a unique decoration


Experience a new dimension of light and design with our top line of outdoor ethanol fireplaces. These luxurious items were made specifically to suit any type of garden, patio or terrace.

The eye-catching design of these outdoor ventless fireplaces perfectly reflects our desire to merge unique shapes with the beauty of the flame itself. This is accompanied by one of the most advanced ethanol technologies on the market, the Commerce technology that makes Planika fireplaces completely safe and easy in operation. A garden fireplace from our collection will add a scent of luxury to your outdoor spaces. Enjoy your summer evenings with the best outdoor bioethanol fireplaces on the market.


Rondo Commerce
Planika Rondo Commerce - a decorative round-shaped outdoor fireplace
$ 1100
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Gustav Commerce
Gustav Commerce - Free standing fireplaces
$ 1150
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Totem Commerce
Totem Commerce - Portable fireplaces
$ 1700
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Jar Commerce
Jar Commerce - Outdoor fireplaces
$ 1950
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Simple Commerce
Simple Commerce fireplace thumbnail
$ 560
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Pyramid Commerce
Pyramid Commerce outdoor fireplace thumbnail
$ 1990
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Tondo Commerce
Planika Tondo garden fireplace thumbnail
$ 1010
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Faro Commerce
$ 850
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Petit Commerce
Petit Commerce - the smallest ethanol fireplace thumbnail
$ 400
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The outdoor ethanol fireplaces collection is equipped with a sophisticated Commerce technology that prevents any kind o leaks and guarantees safety of operation.

The Commerce technology uses highly absorbent ceramic fibres that work as an insulation layer, keeping the fuel inside the device and preventing it from spilling. The additional benefit of this solution is the extended burning time what can estimate around 10 hours. This makes our outdoor fireplaces not only the most safe but also one of the most ecological products on the market.

Planika outdoor fireplaces are powered by a prioprietary ethanol fuel - FANOLA®. The fuel is based on plant extracts, which makes it a biologically clean, ecological liquid capable of producing beautiful flames. The burning process does not involve any smoke or odour, and no ash is left after the fuel has evaporated.