• Gas fireplaces reinvented
    Different fuel, the same high level of quality
  • Natural gas outdoor fireplace
    Meet Galio Corten, the flagship of our outdoor gas fire line
  • The centre of your garden
    Enrich your outdoors with a modern ventless fireplace
  • High burning efficiency
    Luxurious look with environment in mind
  • Weather resistant materials
    An outdoor ventless fireplace with a Corten steel armor
  • Portable yet powerful
    Embrace the flexibility of a free standing gas fireplace


Witness the advent of a new era in fireplace design: we give you our first gas fireplaces built from scratch by our team of experienced engineers and designers. Gas fire has been reinvented.

Having conquered the ethanol fireplace market we have decided to venture forth into the realm of gas fireplaces. We combined the expertise in fireplace design with our most innovative technologies, and this is how the GaLiO outdoor gas fireplaces range has been born. The raw beauty of weather-resistant Corten steel perfectly matches any outdoor spaces, both commercial and residential. Seize the opportunity to improve your project with our new gas fireplaces.


Galio Corten gas fireplace
Gas fireplaces - Galio Corten
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$ 1190
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A line of blazing fire behind tempered glass shield, all enclosed in eye-catching Corten steel casing - this is what makes GaLiO Corten stand out in the crowd. Despite its robust construction you will be amazed by its portability and ease of use. We proudly present you the flagship of our outdoor gas fireplaces.

  • linear gas fireplace for outdoors
  • stainless steel burner
  • corten steel casing
  • powered by natural gas or LPG
  • portable and easy to use
Galio gas fireplace insert
Gas fireplaces - Galio Insert
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$ 990
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Merge your own design ideas with the linear shape of one of our premiere gas fireplace inserts - the Galio Insert. This stainless steel gas burner offers the very core of gas fire functionality, leaving the choice of casing for you to make.

  • linear outdoor gas fireplace insert
  • made of stainless steel
  • weather resistant materials
  • fuelled with natural gas or LPG
  • portable and easy to use

Safety of gas fireplaces

Planika outdoor gas fireplaces draw heavily from our experience in the construction of ethanol fireplaces, which we mastered to a level that is recognizable all around the world. Our staff has devoted their time and effort to deliver a truly outstanding line of gas fire products using their insights into fuelling technology, safety, and ecology-related issues.

That is why we equipped our gas fireplaces with best-in-class safety sensors; we included the flame regulation system, and we tuned the consumption of fuel so as to strike the perfect balance between the burning process efficiency and the visual beauty of fire itself. Despite the technology constraints, we managed to maintain the luxurious feel of our fireplaces.

In response to the demands of our customers, we always strive to make our products user-friendly and as easy to deploy as possible. This is why our outdoor gas fireplaces have been upgraded so as to be easily controlled via a handheld remote control. In just a couple of button presses you are able to ignite the fire remotely, and smoothly adjust its height choosing one of the 15 levels of regulation.

The most recent upgrades include also the FAST START feature which significantly reduces the fire ignition time, and thus allows the gas fireplace to be ignited within seconds. What is more, the modular construction of the GaLiO family of fireplaces makes it possible to join several modules into a long line of gas fire. Whether you want to warm up the evenings in your own garden, or enhance the visuals in a hotel or restaurant outdoor area, Planika gas fireplaces have everything you need to create a luxurious atmosphere.